Hello from beautiful Costa Rica!

We would like to invite you to find out more about our English teaching jobs in Costa Rica! If you are a native English speaker who is certified to teach English as a second language, along with some experience teaching ESL, and are interested in teaching English in Costa Rica, then we may have a job for you!

English2Go’s goal is to bring high quality, competitively priced English language training to professionals and workers in their offices, places of work, or homes. You will teach English to employees and executives in their workplace during the week and explore Costa Rica’s rain forests, volcanoes, white water rivers, world class surfing, fishing and beaches on your weekends.

We are looking for pro-active teachers to teach English classes for us. An English teaching job in Costa Rica can be time consuming when considering transportation time back and forth and between classes, prep time, etc.… This is why in Costa Rica, 20-24 hours a week is about the maximum amount of hours a teacher can expect to teach. 

Once you have read and fully understood the job Information, and find you are interested in applying, please submit a cover letter, resume/CV, recent photo and a copy of your education/teaching certification to apply@english2go.co.cr


  • Preference for native born North American English speaking instructors. British/New Zealand/Australian/South African native born English speaking instructors will also be considered. Please do not apply if English is not your mother tongue as this is a requirement from our clients. 
  • Certification: ESL teaching certificate such as CELTA TESOL, TEFL. etc.  
  • Experience teaching English as a second language or other teaching experience is preferred. 
  • Teachers need to have a laptop or tablet (preferred) with Internet connection and be competent with Internet and computer use.
  • Professional business attire is required for all English classes. 
  • Financially stable (recommended start-up money, $2,500 USD minimum). 
  • Minimum six month commitment with a preference of one year. 


Teaching is paid per hour of class time in US dollars which is direct deposited into your local bank account on the second and fourth Friday of each month. Current starting hourly rate is $11-$12.00 USD

The following items are to give applicants general information about the job in detail. You are a sub-contractor working with English2Go. Therefore you are responsible for your airfare, insurance, transportation to and from your classes, preparation time of classes, lesson planning and course and student reporting. English2Go will provide you with the necessary materials for your classes.

All of our courses emphasize the “communicative approach”, focusing on conversation. We use online materials which develop custom courses for our students based on an in-depth evaluation of their current English language knowledge,in conjunction with audio clips, videos and other online materials. Our instructors use the course materials 60/70% of the time and their creativity the remaining 40/30%. A typical class is 3-4 hours per week, split between two mornings, lunch times or evenings. The majority of our client’s prefer the morning and evening hours. If you had a full schedule of mornings, afternoons and evenings (usually Mon-Thurs) total hours per week would be 20 to 24 hours. This would be a full schedule for a sub-contractor and is not usually available right away. Most starting sub-contractors receive 8 to 16 hours a week to get their feet wet and to learn the bus system here in Costa Rica. As more teaching hours become available these will be offered to our current sub-contractors first. It normally will take form 30 to 45 days to have a complete teaching schedule, although it often happens sooner than that.

Class sizes vary from one to eight students.

Candidates should be well-rounded people and prepared to adapt to a different culture along with the needs of the students. Any specialized vocabulary and knowledge a sub-contractor can bring to a class will be a plus – especially business, banking and finance, accounting, medical or legal experience.

There is some travel involved with these positions. The local bus service is adequate and inexpensive. A sub-contractor will probably spend up to 30 minutes, maybe more in some cases, traveling back and forth to their classes depending on their primary housing location. We suggest that you arrive in Costa Rica with a minimum of $2,500 USD. This should help make you financially comfortable for your first few months while you start your Costa Rican teaching experience and secure the hours needed to maintain a moderately comfortable lifestyle while you are here. 


We are ready and willing to assist a sub-contractor when it comes to securing housing arrangements. There are several different options, with typical price ranges shown below:

Live with a Costa Rican family (from $300 – $400 per month with 2 to 3 meals and laundry cleaning possibly included). 

Rent a room in a shared house with locals or other foreigners (from $200-350 per month).

Rent a furnished apartment or house for around $400.00 and up per month, which should include everything and cable/internet.


Candidates also need to think about health insurance. We suggest that individuals purchase some type of international major medical policy for maximum protection. Because of immigration policies, non-Costa Rican residents cannot sign up for the state run health insurance. Medical care here is much cheaper than in the US. However, it is not free. One can buy a policy here but it may actually be cheaper to purchase it in your home country.

Le garantizamos que lo ayudaremos a comunicarse en inglés con más confianza.