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​English2Go is your "g​o-to" choice for ​​customized English language instruction and top-shelf ​results!

​Customized For You

​English2Go is designed to meet your needs, from B​2B clientele and individual instruction, ​in the classroom and online or a combination of these two modalities.  You can study at the times and in the formats that works best for you.

​Rapid ​Learning

​Occasional attention to improving your English skills can help you make slow gains, but if you want to gain results that "stick" you need a customized approach that takes into your account ​your strengths and weaknesses and builds on strength.

​Dedicated Instruction

​English2Go instructors are friendly, personable and comfortable speaking English in a way that helps you retain your lessons, pick up ​natural speech patterns and speak in a more ​fluid way, ​like a ​mature native English speaker.

​English​2Go meets you where you learn best!

​Quien es English​2Go?

​English2Go es una compañía de capacitación in situ y en línea del idioma inglés que ayuda, individuos a ejecutivos y corporaciones motivados por el éxito, que luchan al comunicarse en inglés, a ganar confianza y competencia.

​The English2Go Customized ​Approach Puts You In the "Driver's Seat" ​To Reach Your Goals


​You grow, your business grows, you reach new heights because you know your starting point and set a destination.


​Mastery is attainable because you know where you need to focus your attention and improve your skill.


​Benefits extend beyond the individual, reaching out into business improvement and personal evolution.

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Licda Alejandra Obando Bermúdez

​​Student, Dealmaker Produce Company

Creo que el principal testimonio que podemos dar, es el avance que hemos tenido en tan solo 4 meses, quizás lo que se puede aprender en un centro de ingles en 1 año, el sistema utilizado por English 2 Go es perfecto para los que se nos dificulta trasladarnos a otro sitio, las clases son completamente personalizadas y el único idioma que se habla en ellas es el ingles, recomiendo 100% este sistema.

Luis Guillermo Brenes Soto

​​Student, ​Valores Comerciales de Costa Rica,
Valco S.A.

​Un gusto saludarlos, con referencia a su encuesta de servicio, me permito indicarles que me encuentro muy contento y motivado con las clases, don Bob es una persona muy agradable y un excelente profesor, por lo que sus clases son muy amenas y nos ha ayudado mucho a mejorar nuestro inglés.

​The First Step To Getting Started Is ​Finding Out ​Your Current Level Of English ​​Mastery, FREE

​A​ll of our clients start with an easy yet comprehensive language evaluation.  This evaluation helps you see clearly where you're strong in ​English language skills and where you need some customized and personalized support to advance quickly.  There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to learning English, and this is why you receive specialized support ​with a customized learning plan, you will advance in English as rapidly as you desire!